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American Cinematographer

"Puglia’s atmospheric use of natural light lends interior compositions the quality of still-life canvases that would not look out of place on museum walls…"

Stephen Pizzello

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, American Cinematographer

WINNER: 2019 National Emmy Award

Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design

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Gerardo Puglia's amazing cinematography in God Knows Where I Am

WINNER! 2019 National Emmy Award: Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design

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Hello My Friend, 


When I look through a camera’s eye piece, I’m in search of truth through beauty. That’s what motivates me and the artistic decisions I make. 


This quest for truth translates into stories that speak deeply to audiences in ways that are compelling, honest and long-lasting. 


Please take a look at my work samples and a little about my life. And then, let's discuss your next project over an espresso! 

Gerardo Puglia


Thank you. I got your message.

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