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Winner, 2019 National Emmy Award:

Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design

“Cinematographer Gerardo Puglia brings a poetic approach to the visuals.”

“A seemingly endless series of gorgeously composed and lit shots.”

“The film succeeds largely on the strength of its gorgeous cinematography.”

“The images that accompany these words are cinematic still lifes — still, but hardly lifeless as the camera roves the grounds and apple-strewn rooms of the house, painting a portrait of solitary quiet.”

“Stunning cinematography.”

“God Knows Where I Am features some of the best cinematography I’ve seen, and by far the best I’ve seen within a documentary to date.”

“God Knows Where I Am is wonderfully shot and captures the isolation, desperation and human condition at its essence.”

“Truly stunning and poetical cinematography. Hopelessness and beauty intermingle, making for some stirring, if haunting, images.”

“Audiences are treated to some of the most beautiful cinematography to ever be seen in a documentary.”

“Haunting, detailed camera work that captures the wintery atmosphere of Linda's final months.”

“Beautifully filmed.”

“A documentary of uncommon beauty, with cinematography so picturesque that it borders on indulgent.”

“Beautifully shot.”

“The most remarkable aspect of the film is the hauntingly gorgeous reveries of the house and surrounding countryside — shot by cinematographer Gerardo Puglia.”

“It will haunt you.”

“A chilling exploration.”

“At times, GKWIA is almost too pretty, resembling a series of Ozu pillow shots.”

“Remarkably moving.”

“Beautiful, evocative, and ultimately heartbreaking.”

“Haunting and uncommonly artful.”

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